Nicki Minaj Sparks Breakup Rumors Amid Concerning Cryptic Messages

Nicki Minaj

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The Barbz have been cooking up plenty of theories about Nicki Minaj amid a series of questionable statements she made recently. While some fans thought it was a sign of new music to come, others are convinced her marriage is coming to an end.

It all started on Sunday night, June 9, when she hit the stage in Paris for the European leg of her "Pink Friday 2 World Tour." The "Everybody" rapper was in between songs when she addressed the crowd and told them she didn't "want to be loved."

“I don’t want to be loved," she told the audience. "I don’t wanna love anyone. All it’s ever done is take away my powers... I’d rather be not with some person in my face all day just having a secret life and a sneaky life behind my back.”

Minaj didn't name any names, but fans instantly thought she was referring to her husband Kenneth Petty. Hours after her show ended, the 41-year-old artist sent out a post on X that caused plenty of confusion among unsuspecting fans in the U.S.

"Yes Single…” she wrote.

Nicki Minaj

Photo: X

Without context, her two-word post had fans buzzing about the possibility of incoming new music or an unfortunate announcement about her marriage. Once footage from her speech at her recent concert spread around social media, fans began to lock in on the theory that she and Petty may have split up. Minaj started dating her childhood back in 2018 and got married less than a year later. They welcomed their first child, who publicly goes by "Papa Bear," in 2020.

Nicki Minaj's relationship with Petty has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past six years. Petty made headlines in 2021 after he was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in California following his 1995 rape conviction. He was already a registered Level 2 sex offender on New York State’s Sex Offender Registry. Authorities alleged he purposely didn't add himself when he moved to Los Angeles before he married Minaj. The couple also faced legal action from Petty's victim Jennifer Hough after she sued the couple for alleged harassment and intimidation.

As of presstime, there's no word on the status of Nicki Minaj's marriage. Fans have also expressed concern about Minaj after she gave an emotional speech about motherhood in a random Instagram Live session earlier this week. Watch that clip below.

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