**WARNING: Explicit language and images**

Belly wants us all to celebrate the miraculous "P.O.P. (Power of P**sy)." Can you blame him? It's everything. 

The rapper released the single's music video on Thursday (Aug. 10). Throughout the sexy visual, Belly is surrounded by gorgeous women who walk and move with the confidence of knowing that they all have the power. The video also stars a special someone who's very in touch with her gifts: the one and only Blac Chyna.

Chyna shows herself off in a white lingerie piece and fur, as she dances and shows that she's the one who's always in control. Belly looks like he's having the time of his life in this video. He's watching the women dance and strut, and he can't stop smiling and starring hard at all of the action. But, then again, he is a man. All of the power around him simply made him weak. 

iHeartRadio got some exclusive photos from the video shoot. Take a look at them below. It definitely looked like a fun time, if you ask us. 

"She had champagne dreams/ Bottles she can’t afford/ Oh no, not anymore/ Now she model for Ford/ Met a rich European/ Even got her Dior/ Gucci, Prada galore/ Went and bought out the stores," Belly raps on the track. "Eighteen but she’s mature/ Half a mil’ on the core/ Dripping sauce, the Venice Porsche parked in front of the porch/ Hit a lick, hit a lick, then she hit mission abort/ She ain't in love anymore, that's more than he can afford."

In a previous interview with Complex, the rapper said that he was inspired to make "P.O.P." after coming to an understanding that women have always had a powerful influence on society and the world, as we know it. “I think women in general have always been the focal point of art since the beginning,” Belly said. 

“Arguably the most famous work of art is the Mona Lisa. One of the inspirations I have always had for my music is women. Being in love, the heartbreak that comes with it. For me 'P.O.P.' is a song about the human experience and what we go through as humans on a day to day.”

Watch Belly's "P.O.P. (Power of P**sy)" music video above!

Photos: Patricia Recourt and Elie 'Visionelie' Jonathan