Watch: Sexyy Red Arrested Following Wild Brawl In An Airport

Sexyy Red

Photo: Getty Images

Sexyy Red was arrested after she was reportedly involved in a wild brawl at an airport in New Jersey, and it was all caught on tape.

On Tuesday, June 11, TMZ published security footage from a terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport. The video shows several people from her team throwing bows at another group. Big Sexyy appears to jump into the brawl while wearing a red bonnet and holding a stanchion. She was held back by a member of her team while the scuffle continued. Sexyy managed to break free a couple times, but she went out of the frame so we can't see what happened there.

The "Get It Sexyy" rapper and several others were arrested early Saturday morning. Sexyy Red was hit with minor charges of disorderly conduct while the others were charged with assault. Meanwhile, the alleged victims were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. It's still not clear what led up to the brawl.

Sexyy Red addressed her brief stint in jail after she was released. She took to her Instagram Story and posted a video of herself in the car with her crew. She also offered to replace the victims' phones.

"To the people that was in that altercation at the airport please dm me so I can replace yo phone!!" she wrote.

It looks like the St. Louis artist is handling the situation well despite how crazy the footage looks.

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