TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • OK, maybe the lean didn't cause the seizures, but the party life did -- and lean is a big part of that.
  • Yeah, Weezy has to grind to pay the bills, but it won't help him much if he's gone.
  • Anyone else think Birdman's strategy is just to wait long enough?

Lil Wayne is on his way home.

TMZ reports that Weezy has been released from a Chicago hospital after suffering from seizures Saturday night. However, doctors have ordered him to take two weeks off. That may put the kibosh on his set at the Paid Dues festival in L.A. on September 17th, but he's good to go for a radio festival in Pittsburgh on September 23rd.

Wayne's docs apparently say the seizures were brought on by a non-stop concert schedule and a lack of rest between shows. They add that his consumption of lean had nothing to do with them. He suffers from epilepsy and is susceptible to a relapse when he gets run down.